Day 2: March 5th, 2017

(Apologies for the late post, there was some faulty wifi at the hotel)

Today was our second day of tour, and the day of our first concert! After checking out of our hotel in Philadelphia, our group split up to explore different parts of the city. Many toured the more historic parts of Philly, while some of us went to see King of Prussia Mall!

After a morning of exploration, we went to Rittenhouse Square for our concert. There was a reception prior to the concert, where we got to meet with some alumni and sing to them! Once the reception was over, it was time for our first concert. The concert took place at The Church of the Holy Trinity, a beautiful space. We sang our full repertoire, and even had some alumni sing our Alma Mater with us at the end!

After the concert, we departed directly from the church for New York City. Once we got checked into our hotel, some guys got to go out and experience their first time in Times Square!


Be on the lookout for our first full day in New York!


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